How to get access to the wood shop: Members must take the Woodshop 101 class or pass the woodshop proficiency exam in order to use the woodshop facility or tools

Wood Shop 101: 2-Day Course

NOTE: This class includes two sessions: 2-5pm on Saturday AND 2-5pm on Sunday. You must attend both to be cleared on woodshop use at Idea Fab Labs.

Class Description:
Introduction to Wood Shop is a two-part course in the essentials of a functional woodshop and general woodworking. This course includes an overview of woodworking technique, safe tool operation and maintenance and will culminate in hands-on experience on shop tools while participants work through select projects. No experience necessary.

Topics Covered:
General Safety and Hazards
Head, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Hands, Feet
General Wood Processing
Cross Cut, Rip Cut, Plane / Surface, Joint, Sand, Drive/Drill, Route/Mould/Shape
Safe Tool Use
Manual Hand Tools (Miter Saw, Hand Saw, Chisel, Screw Driver, Hammer)
Automatic Hand Tools (Circular Saw, Drill, Palm Sander, Jigsaw, Router)
Large Machinery (Table Saw, Chop Saw, Drill Press, Band Saw, Shaper, Belt Sanders)
What to Bring:
Your own gloves and a water bottle.

$160 total for two sessions.

Materials Required:
None. Materials are included in class price.

18 years of age and over please.

Steve Roberts

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Wood Shop Proficiency Exam

This exam is designed to assess your knowledge and experience levels in regards to safety and basic use of woodshop tools. You may bypass “Woodshop 101: 2-Day Course” at the discretion of the Wood Shop Zone Manager, based on your answers to this exam, behaviour in the wood shop, safety record etc. Access may be revoked at any time.

100 Lab Coins

Prerequisites:1+ years experience in a wood shop. Proficiency with wood shop tools.