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  • Heads-Up: The Bandsaw is broken and out of order until further notice. come see me if you need the bandsaw and we will find you an alternative.

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    • the new part has been installed on the bandsaw but the blade that was on the bandsaw was the wrong size (too long) that is why someone was trying to tighten beyond the breaking point … so need a few blades for the bandsaw before we back up

  • I went to use the band saw today and it looks like the blade tracking is broken. It was fine when I came in sometime last week.

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    Sam Reinthaler
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  • Today I made a jewelry hanger out of wood, metal hooks, and some chord. Started by laser cutting the design I created onto the wood, then drilled holes in the wood shop, cut down the hooks to size, and then screwed in the hooks and attached the chord.
    Quite a fun time!

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